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9 types of friends you need during a divorce

While it’s important to rely on a trusted team of lawyers and financial advisors to guide you through the divorce process, it’s equally important to lean on the group of people who know you best—your friends. Learn how the individual personalities of your friend group can help you navigate the trials and tribulations of divorce so that you come out stronger on the other side.

1. Financially savvy Fallon

This is the friend who will look out for you and give you the tough love you need from a financial perspective during the divorce process. With her practical thinking and stern budget-minded attitude, you’ll have someone who will talk you out of blowing your savings on a new car or gadget. Not only can she help curb any irrational spending, she’ll also be able to expand your financial know-how.

2. Been there, done that Denise

When going through a divorce for the first time, it can feel like no one knows what you’re going through. That’s why the friend who has been through a divorce is so valuable. Not only can she give you tips and advice but she can talk you through the ups and downs of the experience. She is living proof that you can make it through this trying time and come out stronger on the other side. Since she’s been through it and has had time to reflect, she’ll also be able to give you recommendations based on her experience. Maybe she spent a lot of time fighting with her ex over the fine china and has not taken it out of storage since the divorce. This insight can help you avoid stressful decisions and contentious arguments that mean very little to you down the road.

3. Spiritual guru Gwen

A spiritual guru is always up for those late night chats about the universe and is there to serve as a sounding board for your monologues of self-discovery. With just one phone call, this friend will drop what she’s doing and be at your door with dinner and ready to talk for hours on end without any hesitation. Spend some time with your spiritual guru to help unearth the strong and confident person inside of you who can get buried under all the stress and emotions of divorce.

4. Risk-taker Tanya

Have an impulse to go skydiving? This person will be at your side to fulfill that urge and will even be the one to pull the ripcord and float back down to earth with you. A friend who’s a risk taker is there to support you when it’s time to hit the reset button and do something adventurous. Pick one of your fears—a fear of heights or a fear of roller coasters—that you want to overcome. Risk-taker Tanya will not only be there to help you through it, she’ll also understand your need to think about something other than the details of your divorce for a few hours. What better way to do that than by conquering one of your biggest fears?

5. Good listener Leslie

After hours spent listening to a mediator, lawyer or family member offer his or her advice regarding your divorce, there’s going to come a time when you need to talk. That is when you’re going to need your friend who’s a good listener to step in. She will let you talk until her ears fall off and will always ask how you’re feeling. Keep a listener by your side for the days where you just need to let everything out and be the one who’s heard, not the one who’s listening.

6. Motivating Madison

Low days happen throughout any divorce and when they do, you’re going to want a motivator by your side. This is the friend who will help pick you up from whatever slump you’re in and push you to keep moving forward. There’s no such thing as a slow day when a motivator is around. She’ll drag you out of bed with a full day planned and won’t take no for an answer. A lot of straight talk is going to take place with your motivator, but know that you’ll look back and appreciate her for how she helped you in the end!

7. Cheer you on Charlie

A cheerleader is similar to a motivator in that her end goal is to keep pushing forward (especially on the hard days) but her strategies are different. While a motivator’s encouragement comes off as tough love, a cheerleader’s encouragement is positivity in its purest form. No negative thoughts or self-deprecating humor allowed when you’re spending time with this person, only optimism and positive affirmation.

8. Social butterfly Bianca

Always on top of what’s trending, a social butterfly knows all the best places and people. She will introduce you to new experiences and help take your mind off the stresses of divorce.

9. Make you laugh Leanne

Laughter is the best medicine. While the days ahead will be stressful and emotional, it’s important to remember to laugh. A friend who’s a comedian is able to read any situation and know when you need a healthy dose of humor to bring you back from a place of pessimism and frustration.