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The best ways to share and show on the go.

How I spent my vacation yesterday

The best ways to share and show on the go.

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Jot it down in a journal

A notebook is a great travel companion, giving you the chance to write down your thoughts and experiences. Sketch a skyline or start a story, whatever you do, you’ll love looking back and reflecting on those pages years from now.

Stay on top of your spending by writing down your daily expenses.

Go live

Invite your loved ones on your journey by going live! Pick a place they’ve probably never been before and fill them in on what you’ve seen so far.

Avoid huge fees by making sure you’re using free Wi-Fi.

Create a collection

Put a twist on ordinary souvenirs by creating a unique collection of keepsakes as you travel. Save currency, tickets, flowers or stamps and turn them into memory boxes or put them in a scrapbook when you get home.

Instead of tossing them, stick your receipts in an envelope so you can easily add up your expenses every day.

Make a #hashtag

Keep all your pictures one click away by creating a hashtag no one else uses, giving you the ability to have all the photos and posts you share all together.

Find fun, free activities and keep track of them for other travelers use #FreeFunIn_____

Trip tunes

Find the beats that fit your trip best and put together the perfect playlist. Finding the right songs will take you back and help you remember the awesome experiences you had along the way.

Save a few bucks by pausing your music subscription while you’re away.

Start a series

Fill your photo feed with new photos, choosing a certain series to snap as you travel. This fun challenge will inspire your creativity and help you capture unique images throughout your trip.

Show the dollar differences abroad by posting pics of items you know would cost a lot more back home.