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Weisure: Turn a wedding trip into a vacation or retirement research

Tips to help you double your travel fun without doubling your budget.

Traveling to an out-of-town wedding? While you’re on the road (or in the air), create a memorable two-in-one “weisure” trip: wedding + leisure. You can get your travel dollars to work harder by adding on a visit with friends and family, scouting future retirement locations, or simply sightseeing in a new part of the country.

illustrated map of doubling your fun turning a wedding trip into vacation
  • Think of your wedding hotel as a bull’s-eye. What acquaintances or attractions are nearby? Use the hotel as a home base and venture out for day trips. Ask if the hotel will extend discounted rates for wedding guests for a few more days pre- or post-wedding.
  • The wedding hotel might be convenient for the days with the celebration, but don’t be afraid to pick up stakes and seek out a better deal. Set up alerts for hotel discounts in your target city, or try out alternative stays with Airbnb, VRBO, or local rental sites.
  • Throughout regions like the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes, local ferries offer scenic water crossings for island hopping. Commuter rails connect big cities to smaller destinations in many states. In New Mexico, $20 buys a roundtrip ticket from Albuquerque to tourist favorite Santa Fe.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are typically the cheapest days to fly within the U.S.1 If you arrive for the wedding on Saturday, could you extend your trip and fly out on Tuesday or Wednesday?
  • To save on meal costs, first take advantage of any arranged post-wedding breakfast or brunch. Then, try to book lodging that includes free breakfast or has a kitchen for preparing your own meals (or both!). Eat your biggest meal out at lunch, when specials abound and entrée prices are lower.
  • Look into free or inexpensive local-led tours, such as those offered by the Global Greeter Network.2 They cover not only a city’s highlights but its off-the-beaten-path gems, and cheap eat recommendations.