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What I wish I knew during divorce

Whether you’re contemplating divorce or currently experiencing it, there’s a lot to think through.

No divorce is the same. And though one size does not fit all, you aren’t alone. We’ve spoken with women who have gone through divorce to learn from their stories. Whether it’s having a solid understanding of your financial situation, building a support team or learning to cope with life after divorce, you’ll feel stronger with their collective knowledge by your side. Hear from these women firsthand and learn how to take control of your financial future.

“Your head is spinning with everything that needs to be done, what needs to be covered.”

— Kat Copcutt

Kat Copcutt: mother of 1, married 2 years, separated in 2016

Kat learned the challenges of divorce the hard way—paying over $150,000 over a five-year period. As she looks back at her breakup, Kat wishes she had involved a financial advisor to help reduce costs and help facilitate the process.

“I know that I can do it on my own—it’s hard, I’m tired. But my confidence as a mom and as an independent woman is really high.”

— Kristen Howerton

Kristen Howerton: mother of 4, married 20 years, divorced in 2017

From limiting vacations to school lunches, everyone in the family has experienced financial strain since Kristen’s divorce. As she looks back now, Kristen wishes that she had been more proactive financially.

“I am constantly kicking myself for not taking a more active role in my own financial future. “

— Katey Johnson

Katey Johnson: mother of 2, married 13 years, began divorce proceedings in 2018

When her divorce began, Katey went from having complete financial freedom to none at all. Looking back now, she wishes she had more experience managing their expenses and family finances.

Take control of your financial future

Whether you’re considering divorce, going through the process or rebuilding your life, here are some resources to help you financially.

Preparing financially before, during and after divorce

Preparing financially before, during and after divorce

No matter the stage of the divorce process, when you’re in control of your finances, you’re in control of your future.

Building your divorce team

Building your divorce team

Building a strong team, including a lawyer, a tax attorney and a financial advisor, can help you better navigate the divorce process.

Dividing assets during divorce

Dividing assets during divorce

During a divorce, it’s critical to understand not all assets are created equal. Learn the steps you can take to help ensure financial assets are split fairly.

Finding your identity during divorce

Finding your identity during divorce

When going through divorce, it can feel like everything is changing. Take a step back and focus on yourself—emotionally and financially.